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Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in

New patch is out now and it adds:

-Ultimate Difficulty
-New Dungeon
-Level cap increased to 255
- When you have a story clear file and start a new character you start at the Talisman collection quest
-Minor tweaks to NPCs, Network code, and character skills


It’s pretty incredible that Vanillaware (and Atlus to an extent) gives all these updates for free.


Dragon’s Crown is getting cross-platform multiplayer! 4th patch includes,

  • Improved the operational stability under specific circumstances.
  • PlayStation 3 users and PS Vita users can enjoy co-op and competitive play together via Cross-Play.
  • As not to throw them away by mistake, you can protect your items with an on / off switch.
  • In the “Game Settings 2″ screen, you can set NPCs to join or not join.
  • Each class’ skill effects and behavior have been adjusted.
  • NPC behavior has been adjusted.
  • The matching conditions for the Labyrinth of Chaos have been alleviated. You can now connect regardless of round number.
  • Operability improvements and feature comforting
  • Improvements to operability and functionality, etc.

Like all the patches it is out for JPN now and expect it soon for NA.

Patch 1.03

It’s out now for Japan, should be out soon for NA.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Improved Network stability

[New Features]

  • The triangle cursor can now be set to “Do not show/Show all/Show”
  • Damage meters can now be set to “Show mine/Show all”

[Features Modifications]

  • Fighter and Amazon’s Guard Time Equipment durability has gone up
  • The Amazon’s Berserker State effectiveness has been tweaked
  • Other various system tweaks.
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